surround audio speaker

When mentioning to the surround audio speakers, we can recognize that their main purpose is to create the sound enveloping the listener. Similar to the movie theater – the sound is fired from the rear of the on-screen character, you may also listen to the stereo from the rear of you. With the high-quality speakers, they can bring the experience like you are at the cinema. Nonetheless, before doing that, you ought to learn the way to place the speakers in a right manner. This article will help you to surround the audio speakers properly.

The surround audio speakers with multiple channels are to spend for the realistic performance of the sound – it is true immersion. It makes sure that you are able to immerse in a film or song once you put these speakers into the right position. So good!

The majority of the systems of the multi-channel surround audio speaker consist of at least five speakers – one to the right, one to the right, one in the center, and two remain speakers playing the role of supplying the surrounding sound of the listeners. A low-frequency effect or central subwoofer will complete your arrangement. Owing to it includes five speakers and one sub, this setup is based on the ratio – 5:1. A couple of systems can have 7 speakers. At that time, it is called the 7:1 speaker system.

The level of the immersion is influenced by the placement of the surround audio speakers. Right now, we will learn the different elements of 7:1 or 5:1 system as well as the way to install.

What Should You Know about the Placement of the Surrounding Audio Speaker?

#1. Central Speakers

When saying to play the anchor, it is certain that we cannot ignore the central speakers. Yes, a spatial root is imparted to all the stereos and dialogs that are being come from the screen. That’s why you don’t have to select in installing this type. Essentially, you must always place them a direct way above or underneath the TV screen. In case a projection screen is being utilized, the central speaker should be for 6-12 inches the rear of the screen although this requires the screen with the transparent material. It means that it enables the audio to pass via.

The central speaker placement

It will be ideal for placing the central speaker below or above the screen of your TV. However, you should surely protect your speakers from the interference of magnetism, especially, the CRT TVs. Of course, if you have a TV with the LED/Plasma/LCD screen, this worry is not necessary. To get the optimal sound, the central speakers should be placed a suitable position for your ear. If possible, you ought to put it facing you.

#2. The Speakers on the Front Left and Right

Exactly, the trio base of the system of the surround audio speaker is made up by these two speakers, coming with the central speaker. Why do we call them – the base? Because they carry a wide range of the frequencies while the task of other speakers is to enhance the fidelity, clarity, and volume. Once you get the proper placement of these speakers, it is the way to take care of any surround stereo speaker system.

front left and right

The most ideally one is to set up an arc of the central, left, and right speakers as long as they face the listeners whether this rule can be subverted by a great number of audiences. It recommends that you ought to place these two speakers equidistant from your TV screen at least 6 feet. At once, for the area of the listeners, an equidistant is also necessary. Besides, they should make an angle ~ 450 – 600 from the listener. There is a favorite angle for those who want to listen to music.

#3. Surround Speakers

You can number from 2-4 with the surround speakers. This one is to depend on your installation – 7.1 or 5.1 in order to envelop around the listener. The combination of these additional speakers with the central, left, and right ones brings a direct experience while listening.

When saying to the surround speaker placement, you should avoid setting in stone. Ideally, you can install them based on your need and preference. Nevertheless, there still have the certain rules that you cannot ignore:

The surround speaker placement

+ The performance of these speakers is the best when you place them behind you. A suggestion for you to put them the rear of your seat position ~ one foot.

+ To get the ideal performance, you are able to try placing them at the height – from 2 to 3 feet. In comparison with the position of your seat, it is higher. Like that, a cloud of audio will be created. If you want to get this good position, it isn’t likely short of the right stands.

+ You have 7.1 or 6.1 surround audio speakers, right? Well, the rear position of the listeners likely considers. You can mount them on the rear wall. In case you cannot place them the rear of the wall, you should utilize the appropriate stands.

You may experience with the different positions as possible in order to get an optimal result that you feel the most comfortable. Don’t place them too far! You should not place them too close to your ear. The ideal height is 2-3 feet above your ear level. Instead of overpowering the main three speakers, you’d like them to complement.

#4. The Placement of Subwoofers

Yes, the subwoofers are not difficult to install. There is due to its sounds at the low frequency – the bass. These sounds are not directional. It doesn’t have many issues in placing the subwoofers. However, if you want to get the best performance, you ought to put the subs close to the wall. In this way, the bass will be amplified and the sound also becomes deeper and richer.

Based on what this article shared, it hopes that you can find the correct positions in your home to set up the speakers properly.